10 Best Free Movie Download Websites 2020

10 Best Free Movie Download Websites 2020 | Stream Full HD Movies Online

When it comes to downloading and watching full HD movies online, the 10 best free movie download websites 2020 listed below are the recognized websites for that.

Identifying the best movie download websites for recent and newly released movies has been a serious challenge as some people would end up being spammed or redirected to another unrelated website.

Even in the midst of these, there are still some good movie download websites that allow you to download or stream full HD movies online without any challenge of such.

Before we proceed, seize a minute of your time to have a glance at most of the questions we’re about to cover;

10 best free movie download websites?

Where can I download latest movies for free?

How can I download new HD movies for free?

How do I download FMovies movies for free?

How can I download full movies for free?

Can I download movies from Netflix?

Where can I download full HD movies?

How can I download movie in Mobile?

Which site is best for downloading movies?

How can I download full movies from YouTube?

How do I download new movies online?


Stick around as the above listed queries will be answered one after another in a jiffy.


10 Best Free Movie Download Websites 2020

Here are the 10 best free movie download websites 2020;

  1. FMovies.to

Fmovies is a top notch movie download website that supplies users with updated and newly released movies and TV shows to download.

On Fmovies, you can download any kind of trending movie from Marvel movies, Disney movies to 21st Century Fox movies etc. including seasonal movies.

You can as well choose to either stream movies on Fmovies website or have them downloaded to watch them offline.

You can also select by quality, either HD quality or other pixel quality formats to fit your type device.

  1. The Internet Archive Movies

The Internet Archive Movies is a one-stop spot for downloading all types of full movies online for free.

It’s one of the oldest movies downloading websites; as such it has gained a high level of trust on the internet.

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With The Internet Archive Movies, you can be sure of downloading top and trending cartoon movies, adventure, romance, relationship and even concert movies.

Downloading movies from The Internet Archives Movies gives you the opportunity to select from different types of high quality formats for your android devices and laptops.

  1. Watch Movies Free

Just as the name implies, Watch Movies Free allows users to stream and download movies for free without registration.

In Watch Movies Free, you can select the year the movie was released and the category of movie you wish to download.

Unlike other movies download websites that would demand for names and email addresses before giving access for users to download, Watch Movies Free does permit you to download for absolutely free.

  1. Movies Found Online

All kinds of movies could be found here. Movies Found Online provides over 40 Genres of movies categories to surf through.

With Movies Found Online, you only do not stream and download free movies, you can also download and watch documentaries, animations, comedy, events, and even full length videos.

  1. Public Domain Torrents

You may have heard of Public Domain Torrents, if you haven’t, then know this; Public Domain Torrents uploads loads of movies to their websites for users to download and watch for free.

They basically allow users to download movies using torrent clients as either MP4 or AVI formats. They could be viewed after download using VLC or any other Video player.

With Public Domain Torrents, users do not have the access to stream online.

  1. Movie4Star

Here, you’ll be given free download links to download free movies to watch offline.

All varieties of movies are found here. These varieties include horror, comedy, thriller, adventure, action and even the English-dubbed movies.

As one of the oldest movie download websites online, Movie4star has also been rated as a trusted website for movie downloads.

  1. YouTube

Youtube is another one-stop spot for movies and videos downloads.

The challenge with downloading movies on YouTube is that it does not provide its users with the direct download button for offline watch. Nevertheless, we’ve put down some directives below on how to download any movie or video from YouTube.

On YouTube, you can save and share movies.

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Though YouTube has tons of uploaded movies, there’s no guarantee of downloading full HD movies on YouTube.

This is because YouTube is not a platform for the compilation or collection of movies; therefore it’s difficult to find your desired movies on YouTube with full length, having HD download quality.


How can I download full movies from YouTube?

Below are some few tips on how you can basically download movies on YouTube;

  • Go to youtube.com
  • Search the name of the movie you wish to download and select it
  • Copy the website address also know as URL that carries the movie
  • Go to en.savefrom.net (DOWNLOAD HERE IS FREE)
  • Paste the copied link from YouTube
  • Lastly, tap on “Download”
  • Your movie on YouTube should start downloading immediately.


  1. Vimeo

One of our recommended movies streaming websites is Vimeo.

Vimeo is a platform for the collection and compilation of all kinds of movies and videos.

On Vimeo, you can stream, share and save movies. Similar to YouTube, Vimeo also does not accept direct movie download by users.

Vimeo do charge users for some demanding movies.

You can as well download some free movies on Vimeo using the same procedure as YouTube we shared above.


  1. My Download Tube

MyDownloadTube is another powerful free movie download website.

With My Download Tube, you only do not have the privilege to download and stream movies online; you can also preview the thumbnails of the movies you wish to download.

My Download Tube features newly released movies and videos for downloads and streaming by users.

  1. Sony Crackle

The last on our list of top 10 best movie download websites 2020 | stream full HD movies online is the Sony Crackle.

Sony Crackle is owned by the renowned Sony Inc.

Sony Crackle features only HD movies. If you’re expecting something less, I guess you check other movie download websites listed above.

Sony Crackle features mostly movies from top brands like Universal Studios, Warner Bros and Fox Digital.

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To stream latest HollyWood movies on Sony Crackle, you first have to sign up, go through movies library and access hundreds of popular Hollywood movies.

They have a flexible and easy to navigate interface showing all kinds of genres of movies, ranging from Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Sports, Thriller, Crime, Anime, Horror and even TV shows.


That being said, we so far have been able to cover queries like;

10 Best Free Movie Download Websites 2020 | Stream Full HD Movies Online

  • See details above

Where can I download latest movies for free?

To download latest movies for free, simply follow the sites provided below;

  • Fmovies.to
  • The Internet Archive Movies
  • Watch Movies Free
  • Movies Found Online
  • Public Domain Torrents
  • Movie4Star
  • YouTube
  • My Download Tube


Which site is best for downloading movies in 2020?

After listing the 10 best free movie download websites 2020, we finally figure out FMovies.to to be the best free movie download website among others.


We’ve recommended the best movie download website based on users’ experiences, ratings, easy navigational interface, less sponsored ad display, easy to download buttons etc.

The best movie download website from our recommendation is Fmovies.to.


How can I download movie in Mobile?

Downloading of movies with mobile devices could also be done through various movies download websites listed above.

But to make it even easier to download with mobile devices, the use of mobile apps is highly recommended.

Installing mobile applications for movie downloads speeds up movie download time and takes little telecom data charges.

Recommended Apps for movie downloads in mobile devices are;

  1. Popcorn Time
  2. Terrarium  TV
  3. Show Box
  4. Movie HD
  5. VidMate
  6. OGYouTube
  7. MegaBox HD
  8. CinemaBox HD
  9. Bobby Movie Box
  10. Snag Films


we’ve been able to scout for you the top 10 Best Free Movie Download Websites 2020.

Be sure to make use of their services and you’d never regret.