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Techpals is a popular Tech Blog on the internet, envisioned and handcrafted by ANIEKAN EDEM with the mindset of creating a convenient platform where human needs could be met in the area of Technology.

We understand that the only way to place value in the life of a man is to solve his problems and be there for him always, and that is why we write and publish consistently on subjects related to your needs.

But Hey!!!

We just do not write and publish. We first go through the list of queries that people seek answers on, we make in-depth research, we write and when we eventually publish, everyone reads.

Techpals is not one of those conventional websites on the internet, but we’re professional and committed.

At Techpals NG, we all put our hands on deck by inviting top professionals in joining our team.

For this reason, we can assure you of a much accurate results when reading or experimenting our blog posts, unless and otherwise where updates have been made.
We innovate, inspire, motivate, create and research.

If it doesn’t provide you with the answer to your query, we do not bother to research and write on it because YOU are all we’ve got.

We cover extensively, topics on How-to guides, Mobile Apps, Android, Automobiles, Cyber Security, Affiliate Marketing, guides on web hosting, tutorials on techy topics, DIY, SEO and step by step guides.

Here at Techpals, we work as a team since we already know that all knowledge is never embedded into one man’s head.

So, go ahead and drop us your tech related queries, challenges and tough questions you haven’t gotten answers from anywhere, through our Contact Us page and we’ll do our best to tailor your answer to you and publish it here on our blog.