If you are a novice in the web or internet world and if you’ve ever experienced downtimes by a certain hosting company, that is simply because you did not make proper research before choosing among hundreds of web hosting services and that is why we are outlining a list of the best web hosting services for you based on our personal experiences with them and reviews by users.

Choosing the best web hosting services is paramount when trying to build an online business. Be it affiliate marketing website, sales pages, e-commerce website, branded website, blog, e-book downloading website etc, it is always very important to go through the list of best web hosting services to pick what best suit your choice of hosting service.

What exactly are Web Hosting Services?


Web hosting services basically allow the saving of files that a website needs to keep it functioning and to be live and active.

To further explain, a web host is like a warehouse where physical products (files) could be kept.

A web host has different sizes just like the sizes of warehouses. This will be further discussed in the later part of this article.

Each web hosting service offers diverse services to their clients. Ranging from good customer support, a good hosting size, free https (site security), cheap hosting service, free domain names, backup and recovery services, maintenance and regular updates, unlimited sub domains, and the list continues… it is now left for you to going through the list below and make proper choice of the best web hosting company to handle your online business.

Choosing the wrong web hosting company for your online business could really be frustrating and could end ruining your online career.

I could recall hosting my first website with a certain web hosting company and for about 3 weeks I never visited my website due to other engagements. Little did I know that my website had been down (downtime) throughout that period. I lost a huge amount of money, I lost viable clients and visitors and at the same time my ranking went down from top Google pages to the bottom pages.

That was how I landed in making deep research on how to get the best web hosting services and I eventually got some.

At the end of this article, I will reveal to you my best Web Hosting Company from the ones listed below and that exactly is where I’m hosting my websites.


List of the top 5 Best Web Hosting Services 2019

The list had been carefully scrutinized and so far they offer the best web hosting services.

The list is unending because there are hundreds of hosting companies round the globe but we decided to stick to the 5 best web hosting companies in the world.

As a matter of fact, there’s no perfect web hosting service but these companies listed below give little to no downtime with exceptional web hosting services with incomparable customer support.

Go ahead and make your choice from the list below;

NOTE: Follow the images after their names to get to their official websites.

List of Top 5 web hosting providers are;



I’ve actually had my experiences with NameCheap and I can personally recommend it to any of our blog visitors and clients without fears.

NameCheap is one of the most affordable hosting providers that offer exceptional web hosting services to the public.

As the name implies, NamCheap offers cheap but yet quality hosting services and low-priced domain names registration. NameCheap has always been the peoples’ choice when it comes to quality hosting services.

Whether you are into branding, blogging, e-commerce, affiliate marketing etc, NameCheap has got you covered with just one single click away.

Their service prices are equal to none in the game. With high-performance shared hosting, best

wordpress hosting management, caring and quick response from their customer support, monthly and

annual subscriptions/renewals, updated version of cPanel for all their plans, servers that have at least

two processors, 16 GB of RAM and four hard drives with RAID protection and having employed the

updated hard and soft firewalls plus the recent server models.

NameCheap has their hands really open to rendering the best web hosting services to their clients.

What Makes NameCheap Unique?

  • Encouraging Uptime of 99.87%

NameCheap has an encouraging Uptime.

Recently, their uptime rate went up from 99.74% to 99.87% proving a boost of over 60% uptime and this is why they’re rated as one of the hosting companies that offer the best web hosting services in 2019.

  • Speed

NameCheap offers fair website speed. But this is only limited to small hosting packages.

Using bigger hosting packages or VPS allow your website runs faster.

Below is the detail of NameCheap hosting speed;

  • Quick Response Time – 0.37s
  • Average Fully Loaded Time – 1.00s
  • Reasonable Under Load – 1.17s


  • Very Affordable Price Charge for Domain Name Registration and Hosting

When it comes to price charge for web hosting and domain name registration, NameCheap gives the best web hosting services so far.

Recently, NameCheap dropped their hosting price charge from $30.88 to $15.44 per year.

For the record, NameCheap charges very little to almost nothing for web hosting compared to other web hosting services.

PROS of NameCheap

  1. 99.87% uptime guarantee round the clock so far.
  2. The best customer support ever in the web world.
  3. Cheap and affordable as the name implies but yet quality hosting services.

CONS of NameCheap Hosting

Too many questions from their customer support agents. (Its good though, because they just can’t figure out the solution without first asking you questions).




Here comes another super independent web hosting provider.

InMotion Hosting comes with super packages that keep their clients rolling back for new deals with them.

Founded since 2001, this hosting provider has been providing reliable and quality hosting services even at the top level of competition in the market.


InMotion Hosting Features

  • Fair Amount for Domain Name Registration and Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers fair amount for domain name registration and hosting.

Unlike other web hosting companies with high charges for domain name registration and hosting, InMotion Hosting Company dropped their rate from $7.99 to $3.99 per month.

Kindly make your conversion with your local exchange rate currency to get the actual price in your local currency.

  • Good Technical Support

Reviews from our analysis show that InMotion Hosting technical support is commendable with excellent knowledge base to handling customers’ challenges at ease.

They have an active customer support and they put their customers first before anything else.

  • Reliable Uptime of About 99.95%

The connection between web hosting companies and their clients is the factor of Uptime. This is basically why you’d choose a certain web hosting company over the other.

No one likes his/her website down or inaccessible.

InMotion leaves you with a whopping 99.95% assurance of uptime, and the major reason they’re having a review rate of 3.5/5.


What Other Benefits do you get from InMotion?

InMotion give a lot of other wonderful hosting benefits.

As a mandate, they’ve taken it upon themselves to satisfy their customers with the list of the following web hosting services below;

  • Decent Response Time – 0.74s
  • Reasonable Fully Loaded Time – 1.33s
  • Quick Under Load – 0.94s
  • Generous Plans
  • Excellent site builder
  • Incomparable WordPress Host
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free Migration…and the list continues.

3. GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy has been a well respected company in the web hosting industry for decades now.

Founded way back in 1997, named under Jomax Technologies, this US based hosting company has gained extensive experiences and had gathered enormous knowledge on how to deal with customers issues and the company has been growing drastically since then.

As a matter of fact, According to official data, GoDaddy employs over 6,000 people who cater after 17 million customers. This is just to show how large the company has become.

The only web hosting company that has the biggest domain name registrar and the largest web hosting service is GoDaddy and we’re proud to say that it’s the best web hosting provider in the web industry.


GoDaddy Features

  • Uptime of 100%

This is the first to be recorded in our list as the best web hosting provider to have a rate of 100% in hosting uptime.

This is necessary in the web hosting industry because without a perfect host, a website will experience downtimes and this logically means loss of revenues, lost of visitors/clients and decrease in search engine ranking.

If an online firm losses those three things then its purpose for installing a website has not yet been achieved.

  • Hard to Reach Customer Support

As large as a web hosting company as GoDaddy, which has trained over 1000 customer care representatives, clients and customers are not supposed to find it difficult reaching them.

Reviews show that it is very difficult to reach GoDaddy’s customer care representatives. Though once you are able to reach them, you are sure to have your problems resolved.

Reason being that the customer support button is somehow hidden on their web page.

  • Impressive Speed

GoDaddy didn’t earn the reputation of being the best web hosting provider in the world from nothing.

They have an impressive web hosting speed. From the reviews, we’ve gathered that GoDaddy has a 24/7 uninterrupted and a very high level of speed.

Nothing has made GoDaddy rated the best than their rate of speed issued to each of their hosting package.

  • Very Low Cost for Domain Hosting and Registration

This is a turn up for GoDaddy.

Everyone loves it when the price charge is fair enough to start up with and GoDaddy has got that in check.

GoDaddy recently dropped their price charge from $7.99 to $1.00 per month only if you meet them while they’re running their promo. But usually you’ll get a hosting plan for as low as $2.49 for a month.

For the quality of hosting services they render, clients and customers have approved the price to be incomparable to any other web hosting provider with such an amazing and quality service for that hosting price charge.

  • Other amazing benefits from GoDaddy;

Free website builder

Amazing bonuses and deals

Clean account set up…and the list continues.


4. Bluehost

The list continues as we have another top and famous web hosting provider named BlueHost.

This is another best web hosting provider that has been in the system for about 15 years now.

Founded at Utah in Provo in the United States of America, BlueHost has grown drastically to managing over 2 million websites. To this regard, the company is ranked among the best web hosting services in the world.


BlueHost Features;

  • Welcoming Uptime

BlueHost has an inviting host uptime of 99.98%. This is good for any web host that is as small as the least host package featured on BlueHost.

Below is the history of BlueHost Uptime;

Average Uptime 2018:

  • August – 99.92%
  • September – 100%
  • October – 100%
  • November – 99.96%
  • December – 100%

Average Uptime 2019:

  • January – 99.95%


  • Excellent Customer Support

BlueHost has been able to maintain a good and excellent service in terms of customer support over their years of existence now.

I personally recommend this web hosting provider to the public. With their amazing bonuses and quality services, clients are sure to get in return what they paid for.

  • Good Speed

Well, I realized BlueHost had a ton of turn downs by customers as at 2017 but to my greatest shock, BlueHost’s speed is quite fast and encouraging now.

This is a great development for them as they’ve been able to prove to their clients that they are bouncing back.

Detail of BlueHost speed;

  • Fast Response Time – 0.38s
  • Very Fast Load Time – 0.96s
  • Stable Under Load– 0.59s


Excellent Price for Domain Name Registration and Hosting

As much as I’ve highlighted some good points about BlueHost, I can never forget to make mention of their fair price charge from small website set up to a very large online firm.

As part of a means of pleasing their customers, BlueHost had recently brought low their price charge from $7.99 to $2.95 per month.

This is quite fair compared to the quality of web hosting services they render.

Other amazing features and benefits of BlueHost are;

  • Easy website navigation
  • Free Domain name registration
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Best for e-commerce website set up…and the list continues.




If you are just getting to know the name HOSTGATOR in the web hosting industry, then probably you may have been new in the online system.

Hostgator is ranked among the top best web hosting providers in the world today for many reasons.

First off, Hostgator is a US based web hosting company that has been in existence for about 16 years now.

Secondly, the company has over 10 million domain names in their registrar giving it the authority to rank with other best web hosting services in the world today.


Features of Hostgator

  • 24/7 100% Uptime

Hostgator is the second web hosting provider to rank among other web hosting providers rending 100% uptime to their customers.

Hostgator have really upgraded their platform and services to suit the needs of their customers.

The standard shared hosting in Hostgator was recently giving out as Cloud hosting for almost similar amount. This is a big turn up for Hostgator as this has really been a plus/boost to their web services.

Therefore, whenever you think of using a hosting company with a 100% uptime, consider using Hostgator.

  • Discouraging Customer Support

Hostgator who is known for its quality web services has a sluggish customer support.

Though not a strong factor for disqualifying a big web hosting company like Hostgator, it is very important that clients and customers get speedy response when they need help at any point in time.

  • Tempting Hosting and Domain Registration Prices

Hostgator has an attractive starter hosting price charge.

One of the best ways in luring an average customer to buy your products or patronize your company is to give them quality services for a very cheap price.

Hostgator has a fair starting price of $2.75 per month for hosting.



Above is the undiluted list of the top 5 best web hosting services of 2019.

The web hosting companies listed above all offer cheap domain registration and hosting when you consider the quality of hosting services they render to the public.

You should know that any hosting company which gives an uptime of anything above 99.95% should be rated as a good hosting company, and the list above hasn’t excluded them.

Remember that the prices for domain name registration and host is basically less and cheap for the first year for all the web hosting companies and is subject to go high during renewals.