Entertainment Platform, Yamorn Rewards Vloggers and Comedians Creating the Most Popular Contents on Their Site

Entertainment media website, YAMORN.COM is giving her users the opportunity to make up to a Million Naira from sharing funny photos, GIFs and videos on the platform.

just few months ago, the website has established itself as a very popular
source of fun for young people across the country.

When you
publish a post on Yamorn.com, the post is voted by users of the platform
according to its ability to amuse.

If the post
is funny enough it’ll start getting votes, views and comments from users of the
platform. If at the end of the day the post makes it to the top 5 posts on the
website, you get paid 3000 naira.

If that
post keeps getting voted, viewed and commented on,  and at the end of the week, it turns out to be
one of the 3 top posts on the platform, the author gets paid 15,000 naira.

If the post
sustains its popularity through out the month, and at the end of the month
becomes one of the 2 top posts, the author gets paid 50,000 naira.

The author
of the overall top post on the site on the 31st of December every year gets 1
million naira.

A post that
is not funny or not popular with users of the site could automatically be deleted
when it gets 20 downvotes.

On how they
plan to sustain the scheme, the owners of Yamorn are confident the scheme will
sustain itself if it proves popular among Nigerians.

love fun, in the forms of comedy or jokes. If our jokes are funny enough,
Nigerians will always come back for them. If Nigerians keep coming back for our
jokes, we will be able to reward those who take their time to create those

They explained
in a recent press release.