Get Instant 1GB for N200 With Airtel

If you’re here, you know that you’re hopeful to get instant 1gb for N200 with Airtel.

Airtel, the second largest and fast growing telecommunication network in Nigeria and beyond, is known for their regular surprises in giving out free data bundles to its subscribers.

Just recently, we published an article on the Activation Code for MTN 200MB for N50 and 1GB for N250, and lately, we also published another article on How to be Eligible for 9mobile 200 for 1GB.

We just realized that we were leaving Airtel subscribers in darkness, so we decided to come up with this recently released update from Airtel on how to get instant 1gb for N200 with airtel 2020.

Get Instant 1GB for N200 With Airtel

You do not have to worry anymore on questions like;

How can I get 1gb for n200 on Airtel?

How can I activate Airtel 200 naira for 1gb?

How can I subscribe to 1gb for 200?

How can I get 1gb for 500 Airtel?

Airtel 200 for 1gb weekly plan

How to be eligible for airtel 200 for 1gb


Without much ado, let’s head straight to how to get instant 1gb for N200 with Airtel.


Airtel 200 for 1gb Weekly Plan


Airtel has come to better our lives with this awesome and almost free 1GB data bundle.

Here’s the code to get the Airtel 200 for 1gb;

  • Recharge your Airtel SIM with N200
  • Dial *141*241# (A prompt message will pop up)
  • Select 2, which states N200/1GB/7days
  • If you’re eligible, you’ll immediately receive a congratulatory message from Airtel

You could be skeptical and may begin to ask, how will I know that I’m eligible for the Airtel 200 for 1gb?


Here’s how to know;


How to be Eligible for Airtel 200 for 1GB


Once you’re not eligible for airtel 200 for 1gb, you’ll immediately get a response message from Airtel stating that your line isn’t eligible for the airtel data plan.

You will only get such response, after recharging your Airtel SIM with N200 and dialing *141*241#.


Other Latest Airtel Data Plans 2020


Be informed that the airtel 200 for 1gb is not the only latest data plan from airtel.

Using the same *141*241#, Airtel has given enough options to chose in regards to Airtel cheap data.

The other latest airtel data plans with *141*241# are;

  • N100/200MB/daily
  • N500/2GB/14days
  • N1000/4GB/monthly
  • N1500/6GB/7days

Bottom Line

The instant 1gb for N200 with Airtel data is so far the cheapest way to get an almost free data from Airtel presently.

Don’t be left out!!

Get involved and enjoy your browsing with Airtel while it lasts.

We will make update to this post if the Airtel 200 for 1gb data stops working.

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