How To Apply Bullets and Numbering In Ms Word and Corel Draw

How to apply bullets and numbering. Hello Friend, are you looking for help on how to perform this various tasks with your computer programs. Don’t panic, you are in the right place. How to apply bullet and numbering in ms word and coreldraw, On this tutorials, we are going to show you the best ways to perform these tasks.
Firstly, as a computer literate which you claim to be, you need to know the definition / meaning of BULLET and NUMBERING in the computer aspect. Easy friends, read carefully before going to the steps, it matters a lot to you as a computer novice or guru.
Ask yourself what is bullet and numbering

how to apply bullets and numbering

What is bullet and numbering in computer


Bullets and numbering are attribute that are use to list items. Below are items listed in bullet form. Though bullet has a different style, but in this lesson we are going to use one of its formats.

Below are items listed in numbering form. Numbering represents alphabets e.g. A, B, C, roman numerals e.g. i, ii, iii and number 1,2,3.


GOOD!!!, I now believe you understand the definition and meaning of bullets and numbering by reading this tutorials.

Now let’s take the next step on how to apply this bullet and numbering
This can be done in two ways, it’s either you typed the list of items first before applying the bullet or numbering or you apply the bullet or numbering first before typing the listed items of your choice, this method stands for auto numbering.
So, we are going to use the auto bullet and numbering method.

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how to apply bullets and numbering

What is bullet and numbering in computer


1.Type the title of what you are about to list. E.g. Names of Countries and press enter button.

2.On the HOME tab click on numbering point arrow to choose your format

3.After choosing the style you want, the numbering appears

4.Then type NIGERIA press enter button

5.Type USA press enter button and then

5.Type BRAZIL.


To apply bullet and numbering in Corel Draw, you need to know the difference between paragraph text and artistic text. This format of text helps you to type in words in your Corel Draw drawing page of drawing window.
To apply this function such as bullet and numbering you need to make use of PARAGRAPH TEXT which gives you the function you want and not ARTISTIC TEXT.
Most people will ask how I can apply this paragraph text or how does paragraph text looks like, don’t panic, we are here to guild you.


1.Open your Corel Draw

2.Click on TEXT TOOL from your tools bar at the left hand side of your Corel Draw window representing by alphabet A

3.Move your mouse pointer in your drawing page

4.Press and hold down the left button of your mouse and then drag to create a dotted box like the image below. After that

5.Make sure your cursor is active in the paragraph text box

6.Click on TEXT menu bar

7.Click on BULLETS

8.A dialog box will appear

9.Click on USE BULLET to activate it

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10.Under the FONT area choose the FONT style you want to use

11.Under the SYMBOL area choose the kind of SYMBOL you want to apply

12.Click on OK

13.Type NIGERIA press enter

14.Type USA press enter

15.Type BRAZIL

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