How To Connect Xender To PC (Personal Computer)

How to connect Xender to computer. Before can connect this two together, you must have the Xender APP in your android phone, also a personally computer (PC). Meanwhile if your android phone doesn’t have the Xender APP, then you have to go to Google Play Store using your phone to download it or you can collect it through transfer from your colleague who has the XENDER APP in his mobile phone.


1.Download the XENDER APP from Google Play Store in your phone

2. Open your XENDER

3. Click on the XENDER profile image

4. Click on Connect to PC

5. Click on HOTSPOT to create a HOTSPOT

6. On your computer WI-FI

7. Click on your PC connection

8. Click on Xender_AP5A50 and then click on connect

9. Load your web browser e.g. Mozilla, Chrome etc.

10. Type in the web address: from your Xender into the Mozilla browser

11. Then press enter button on your PC (On the Keyboard) and a notification will be sent to your phone to accept or decline

12. Click on Accept

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