How To Convert An Android Phone To Blackberry

Converting an android phone to blackberry. Are you looking for a way to convert your android phone to blackberry? You are in the right place.

On this tutorial we will should you all you need to know about converting an android phone to blackberry.

You need to know that while converting your android phone to blackberry gives you full privilege to subscribe to Blackberry (BB) data plan, which is cheaper than android subscription; it also gives power to the phone not to be consuming battery quickly. Before diving into this procedure, please do dial this *#06# a number will pop up, copy it out that is the IMEI/Serial number, you will need it in the process.

Guidelines on how to perform the following

Step 1

Dial *#3646633#*#* immediately a file will appear.

Step 2

Select connectivity or call pad, a file will display again

Step 3

Scroll and click on CDS information, another file will appear

Step 4

Scroll and click on radio information

Step 5

Select phone 1 or phone 2 if your phone is a single SIM, it will convert automatically, but if it’s not,

Step 6

Select SIM 1 or SIM 2, you will see a thing like these AT+ EGMR = 1,7, paste in your IMEI / Serial number you copied from the beginning of this tutorial and then paste in between 1,7. Then finally, replace the IMEI 1 or IMEI 2 with your desired number and then click on send.

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