How To Crack A Modem To Use All Sim Card

Cracking a modem simply means making the modem a universal one, so it can accept all networks. Looking for a way to crack your modem to use all network, you are in the right place.

In this tutorial you are going to see all the necessary procedure to crack your modem.

Please note that not all modem that can be unlock with the unlock codes. Its certain that some modem will not give you access to unlock them using the unlock codes.

If you experience such problems, here is the main procedure that will guide you to unlock any modem.

Lesson 1
Download and then install the Dc-Unlocker software.

Lesson 2
After the installation is done, insert the modem with any SIM card.

Lesson 3
Exit the modem interface that will be shown to you.

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Lesson 4
Launch your DC-Unlocker software which you have install

Lesson 5
Choose Auto Detect from the list for it to detect your modem automatically

Lesson 6
Click on magnifying glass icon inorder to allow the program detect your modem

Lesson 7
After detecting the modem is successful, click on UNLOCKING at the right hand side of the screen, and an option will display to you showing UNLOCK.

Lesson 8
Click on UNLOCK and a feedback will be shown to you (Modem Successfully Unlocked).