How to Create WhatsApp Broadcast List

How to Create WhatsApp Broadcast List

There are a lot of ways to profit with WhatsApp other than mere chatting with friends and loved ones.

WhatsApp has developed a lot of new features to help users create a more targeted group of community (in otherwords called Audience) to better promote their products and services.

This is advanced features has so far been of great help to the WhatsApp community.

One of the advanced WhatsApp features recently released is the WhatsApp Broadcast feature.


What is WhatsApp Broadcast?

WhatsApp broadcast is a feature on WhatsApp that allows WhatsApp users to put their customers, clients, friends and loved ones’ contacts in a list, thereby making it easier to reach them all at once.

WhatsApp Broadcast can work also as WhatsApp TV. You can use it to advertise, display promotional contents, educate your audience and reach them with your products and services.

Yet many people wish to know how to create WhatsApp Broadcast List.

It may sound tedious to do but it’s simple.


How to Create WhatsApp Broadcast List


Creating a WhatsApp broadcast list needs some few steps to follow.

  • Open your WhatsApp account
  • Go to “More Options”
  • Next, select “New Broadcast”
  • Add contacts to your newly created WhatsApp broadcast list.
  • Tap on the “Check Mark” to confirm.


If you’ve done these, then you’ve successfully created your WhatsApp Broadcast list.

The good thing about this feature is that it puts the messages sent to your contacts under private control.

Here is how WhatsApp Broadcast works..


How Does WhatsApp Broadcast Works?


After you’ve successfully created your WhatsApp broadcast list, it’s time to start sending your clients and friends some messages.

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To do that, create a message you wish to send, forward it to the already created broadcast list and everyone in the list will simultaneously receive it.

Mind you, they are receiving it as a private message and they can also send their responses to you through the same channel and no other person in the list will be able to see what another person in the same list has sent to you.

If you rather wish your recipients in your list to have other recipients’ messages seen by other recipients, then we suggest you create a group chat for that purpose.

NOTE: Work on convincing your audience in your broadcast list to save your phone number in their respective phone book, without which they won’t be seeing your messages when you send.

Now that you’ve known how to create WhatsApp broadcast list, whats next?

Its time you go into the practical section of it.

But then, you can do other things in WhatsApp broadcast like editing and deleting your broadcast list.

Here’s how to do that..


How to Edit WhatsApp Broadcast List

Editing your WhatsApp broadcasting is as simpleas creating it.

To achieve it, do the following;

  • Open your already created broadcast list
  • Select “More Options”
  • Next, tap on “Broadcast list info”

In this page, you should see other editing options like;

  • Change the name of your broadcast list by tapping edit
  • Add recipients to the list by tapping “Add Recipient”
  • Remove recipients by tapping “Edit Recipients”
  • Next to the contacts you wish to remove, tap on the check mark sign to remove recipient from your list.
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How to Delete a WhatsApp Broadcast List

Deleting your broadcast list is just a few clicks away.

To do that, following the steps below;

  • Go to the broadcast list you wish to delete
  • Tap and hold on the selected broadcast list
  • Tap “Delete broadcast list”

That being done, you’ve successfully deleted your WhatsApp broadcast list.


The above steps are how to create WhatsApp broadcast list but most people find it difficult to locate the “More Options Icon”.

As additional information to bail you out, here’s how to find the “More Options icon” on your WhatsApp interface.


Finding the “More Options Icon” on your WhatsApp interface

The More Options icon is placed on different positions in different phones on WhatsApp.


For some phones, you can find it in the action bar:

How to Create WhatsApp Broadcast List

                                              How to Create WhatsApp Broadcast List

While for some Android devices, you can find the “More Options” icon on the bottom part of your mobile device.

Though these icons vary from phone to phone, we’ve given the different mobile devices with their respective More Options icon placement.

How to Create WhatsApp Broadcast ListHow to Create WhatsApp Broadcast ListHow to Create WhatsApp Broadcast List


How to Create WhatsApp Broadcast ListHow to Create WhatsApp Broadcast List


Meanwhile for some other versions of android devices, you will have to tap and hold the app switch button to be able to find the More Options button.

See example below;

Bottom Line

Knowing how to create WhatsApp broadcast list is a function of knowing how to make money on WhatsApp TV.

They both help in making money online.

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Contact us through the comment box below if you find any challenge on how to create WhatsApp broadcast list, how to edit and delete WhatsApp broadcast list and additionally, how to find the More Options icon on WhatsApp interface with your phone.