How to subscribe on Airtel data plan cheat. Airtel has launched a special offer data plans for their customer, which is known as “Airtel Download Packs” just the way Glo and 9mobile launched their special data plans for their customers as well.

This offer was made for the huge internet users, in order to download their favorite apps, movies, videos etc. This Airtel download bundle offers you 1GB of data just for N350, which I will say in my own suggestion, it’s on a high rate.

Despite its competitors, Glo offers you 1.2GB just for N200, while 9mobile also offers you 1GB for N200 as well, which will last for 3 days. Meanwhile the Airtel download bundle that offers you 1GB for N350 can only last for just 24 hours. Which I must say that it’s absolutely on a higher rate.

But the main as aspect of this Airtel download packs, is that it can work perfectly on all applications, also on any kinds of device, including on your PC (Personal Computer). Also does not select sim to work on, it can work on 3G network and 4G network sim, whether it’s a new SIM card or an old SIM card.

Airtel data plan cheat

How To Subscribe N350 for 1GB on Airtel Plan Cheat

Guidelines On How To Subscribe To Airtel 1GB For Just N350

Be sure that you have up to N350 airtime on your AIRTEL SIM Card
– Dial this *141*354# to buy the plan.
– Data can only be valid for 24 hours
– Dial this *140# to see your data balance.

NOTE: That the Tripple Data Offer for Airtel also offer you 2.2GB for N500 and 4.5GB for N1000 is still available. 

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