How To Track A Car With A Cell Phone

The GPS (Global Positioning System) a software for tracking unit, it’s a device that navigates, which normally carried by a moving vehicle or person who uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track movements of a device and also determine its location.

Are you looking for an easier way to track your stolen
car with your cell phone? Don’t worry much you are in the right place.

On this lesson we will show you the easiest way to track
your stolen car or cars. Below are the guidelines on how to perform the
following task.

Step 1

Get GPS (Global
Positioning System
) software for tracking a car first, such as Google Maps,
Accutracking and Instamapper for mobile devices.

Step 2

Sign up (Register) for the service by going to the
website to enter a username, password, telephone number and a valid e-mail

Step 3

After the registration, wait a minute you will receive a
text or e-mail message confirming your registration (A link will be sent to

Step 4

Click on the link that was sent to you through email or text
message to download the software into your cell phone. Follow the guidelines to
download it.

Step 5

Go to the website that you just signed up with and login
your account. You will see a detailed street map with a blinking dot and your
username next to it. The dot is the cell phone and you can now provide a
complete 30 days history of movement and Accutracking will also provide details
such as: average speed, average stoppage time and detailed downloadable

Step 6

The cell phone should be placed in a hidden spot such as:
under the seat or in the back of the glove compartment or trunk if your don’t
want the driver to know that you are tracking him.

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Hope this tutorial is helpful