How to Track Your Stolen Samsung Phone

How to Track Your Stolen Samsung Phone

Losing your Samsung phone could be highly disturbing and disastrous.

No one wishes to experience that.

But just in case it happens to you, we have a simple way on how to track your lost phone and this method is also applicable to Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones (such as S4, S5, S6, S7, etc.) display special features that overwhelm other android phones, that is why losing your Samsung phone could be a stressful and one of the most inconvenient experiences.

It involves losing your data and precious memories.

Because of these special features, when your Samsung phone is stolen or lost, you begin to run wild; paying a fat amount of money to a phone engineer with the hope to recover your stolen phone, of which may not even work at the end.

This article presents to you a cheap and easy way to trace your stolen Samsung mobile phone using the “find my mobile application and service”.Stop visiting a phone engineer!

Do I Need IMEI Number to Track my Lost or Stolen Samsung Phone?

Tracking your lost or stolen Samsung or Android phone does not necessarily require IMEI number.

The major requirements for this satisfactory solution to your stolen Samsung phone are:

  • Your Samsung account
  • “Find my mobile application and service” website.

N/B: You must make sure you register your phone on the “find my mobile application” website before your phone is stolen, or else your stolen Samsung phone would not be tracked. That is why it is advisable to set up your Samsung account immediately you buy your new Samsung phone.

Before we proceed on how to track your stolen Samsung phone, read below on how to set up a Samsung account.

What is Samsung Account and How can I Set Up a Samsung account?

What is Samsung Account?

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Samsung account is simply an account that grant you access to the important features in Samsung mobile phones.

You enjoy various Samsung services through your Samsung account, without having to sign up for each service separately.

It is needed in the “find my device application” website to aid you access your device remotely.

How to Set up Samsung Account

Like we said earlier, in order to tracking your stolen Samsung phone, you need create a Samsung account.

To set up a Samsung account, follow the steps below;

  • In the menu of your Samsung phone, Go to “Settings”
  • Tap “Cloud and accounts” or “Accounts and backup”
  • Tap “Accounts”
  • Tap “Add Account”
  • Tap “Samsung account”
  • Tap “Create Account” to create a new account, or “Sign in” to sign in to an existing account.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup a Samsung account on your mobile device.

That is all for Samsung account.

But we’re not done yet.

A few more steps and we’re done on how to track your stolen Samsung Phone.

Next, is to use the Samsung find my phone website.

How to Track Your Stolen Samsung Phone

Samsung Find My Phone App and Website

This application and service allows users to manage and control their missing devices remotely using their Samsung account.


  1. Remote control must be enabled to utilize this application.
  2. Location or GPS must be enabled for the device to be remotely located.
  3. Network connection (Cellular and/or Wi-Fi) is required to enable and disable Anti-Theft Protection on the device.
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How to Activate Your Samsung Phone for the “Find my Mobile Service”

To register and activate the device for the “Find My Mobile service” (applies only to Samsung devices      running Android 5.0 or less).

Ensure you’re signed in with your Samsung account.

Here are the step-by step guide on how to activate your Samsung phone for the “find my mobile service”.

  1. From the home screen on your device, navigate: Application>setting>security>remote control.
  2. Under the remote control, supply your Samsung account information as required, and tick google location service.
  3. Set the sim change alert ON and select alert message recipient from your contact.
  4. Tick reactivation lock box using the same user name and password. Now your phone is registered for remote control through “under find my mobile service”.
  5. Enter the Samsung account password then tap Confirm(located in the lower-right).

You have successfully registered your Samsung phone on the “find my mobile service”.

At this point you can remotely monitor or track your Samsung mobile device if stolen.

How to Track Your Stolen Samsung Phone

It’s simple!!

  • Simply log in with your Samsung Account

“Find My Mobile” Website

  • Supply your Samsung account details as required on the website.
  • Once logged in with the Samsung account, you will see the devices registered in “Find My Mobile”.
  • Find the model of the phone that was lost and select it.
  • If it is currently connected to the internet, you will find the exact area where your stolen Samsung phone is located.
  • You have successfully tracked your stolen Samsung mobile phone!


In Summary

Your stolen Samsung phone can only be tracked or traced if and only if you had registered it on the “find my mobile” application website prior to the day it was stolen, otherwise it can’t be tracked.


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