How to Unlock Any Branded Modem for Free

How to Unlock Any Branded Modem for Free


Cracking or unlocking a modem simply means making the modem a universal one, so it can accept all networks.

Looking for the right place to learn How to Unlock Any Branded Modem for Free to use any SIM?

You are in the right place.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn step by step the procedures on how to crack a modem, be it Mtn, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile modem.

Please note that not all modems that can be unlocked with the unlock codes. Its certain that some modems will not give you access to unlock them using the unlock codes.

If you’re experiencing such problems, don’t worry as this article has all the solution regarding how to unlock modems to use with any SIM card.

Why Can’t my Modem Accept any SIM

If you’re just using your modem for the first time, and you noticed it’s not accepting any other SIM.

That in another term means it’s a branded modem.

Branded modem or router in a simple term means the modem or router comes from a specific telecom, and it’s configured not to work with any other telecom network.

And the good news is.. We’ve got the solution.

Due to instability of network signal and high charging rate from most telecom networks, the quest on how to unlock any branded modem for free and how to crack a modem arose.

How to Unlock Any Branded Modem for Free

Here we are, on how to crack a modem.

Note that modems are of diverse types which includes;

Huawei modem, zte modem, Airtel modem, Smile 4G lte mifi, spectranet Mifi router, huawei e303 modem, wifi modem, Mtn modem, spectranet mifi m022t modem, 9mobile modem, Glo modem, mtn fastlink modem and the list continues.

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Nonetheless, we’ve got a general formula on how to unlock modems, including all the above listed modems.

You should know that learning how to crack a modem is more or less necessary. This method will help you unlock any modem for absolutely free, except and unless you wish to go for the premium package.

Since our method is still currently working in 2020, we believe it should work for you.

This article reveals the power of the DC-Unlocker software.

The DC-unlocker software is the most popular software in cracking and unlocking most stubborn modems and routers which has been tested in the year 2020 and is working.

Can DC-Unlocker Crack my Modem or Router?

Like we earlier mentioned that DC-unlocker is the worthy software in unlocking most modems, the question is; will the Dc-unlocker crack my modem?

Well, I don’t know either.

To check if the Dc-unlocker will be able to unlock your modem or router, follow the button below;

Check Here

If you’ve just checked and your model of modem or router is supported by Dc-unlocker, then you’re on half a mile to learning how to unlock modem.

How to Unlock Any Branded Modem for Free: With DC-Unlocker

Before we proceed to showing you how to crack a modem with DC-Unlocker, it’d be proper to let you that DC-unlocker has two packages; the paid and the free packages.

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Though the two packages do the same thing, the difference is that;

The paid package works actively on newly manufactured modems in the market.

The free Dc-unlocker package works only on old modems.

To know how to unlock modem with Dc-unlocker, follow the steps below;

Step 1
Download and then install the Dc-Unlocker software below.


Download Dc-Unlocker


Step 2

After the installation is done, insert the modem with another SIM card from another telecom.

(Note: if you wish to unlock an Mtn modem, then be sure to insert SIM card that is different from MTN)

Step 3
Choose your modem or router manufacturer and click on “Select model – Recommended”.

You may also search the model of your modem using the search bar of Dc-unlocker interface.

Step 4
Once Dc-Unlocker is able to detect your modem, click on “Server” and input your login details like your Username and Password

Step 5

For Free Package of the Dc-unlocker software;

You do not need any Dc-Unlocker credit to crack your modem.

Simply click “Unlock”

For Paid Package of the Dc-unlocker software;

You’ll need to have about 4 credits in your Dc-unlocker account.

If you don’t have credit and want to buy, you may buy here by using your preferred payment method.

Buy DC-Unlocker Credit

With about 4 credits in your Dc-unlocker account;

Click on “Unlock”

Step 6
After all said and done, unplug your modem from your PC and plug it again and your modem is ready to accept any SIM from other telecom networks.

Start browsing with your fully unlocked modem.


From the above guides on how to unlock any branded modem for free, we believe that our guide on how to crack a modem worked for you.

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Be guided that some modems may not work with our method.

Before you proceed, endeavor to check from the provided link above if or not the dc-unlocker software supports your modem type.