How To Verify Your Vehicle Plate Number Online With Your Phone

How to verify vehicle plate number online with your phone. This is known as the plate number verification. It’s compulsory that before your motor will be on the way moving free without being embarrassed by police men, you have to verify the authenticity of your vehicle or even before you obtain a tinted glass, you must first verify the authenticity of the vehicle.


STEP 1      

You can use your phone or laptop and login to your browser by typing then a box will appear showing some features such as: HOME, FAQ/SUPPORT /  LIST OF…/ VERIFY NUMBER PLATE)


Click on VERIFY NUMBER PLATE a box will appear


Type in your plate number inside the box


Click on VERIFY e.g. ABC899AP).

Please do not give a space while typing in the plate number, and you need to write it with CAPITAL LETTER.

After that, a message will be displayed to you, telling you that your plate number is VALID and assigned to TOYOTA CAMRY, if your vehicle is TOYOTA CAMRY, then it is done. Meanwhile if your vehicle is TOYOTA HIGHLANDER and your verification shows above message that means it seems you are using another vehicle plate number.

If the message shows you an INVALID, that means the plate number has not registered properly, meanwhile in that case you will have to go back to the FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY COMMISSION (FRSC) for a properly registration.

Please note that this verification is only applicable to the plate number with this samples, i.e. the plate number which begins with three letters. E.g. ABC123AB and not this AB123ABC.

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Hope this tutorial is helpful.

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