How I Make N19000 Daily On WhatsApp TV

How I Make N19000 Daily On WhatsApp TV

Why own a smart phone or PC when it’s not fetching you money?

In our today’s world, basically every social media platform can fetch you reasonable amount of money to live your life on and WhatsApp TV is not excluded.

Making money online has been my flair and on digging deep everyday to find out new ways to increase my income online, I bombed into “how to make money on Whatsapp TV”.

Well, as I usually do, I gave it a shot. At first I failed because there were some things left that I needed to put together to get the result.

I continued trying until I started seeing a shift in my account balance.

My bank account went up from N0 to N19000 which I’m currently making everyday only from my WhatsApp TV strategy.

Since there’s no limit to how much money one can make online, I decided to share my strategy on “How I Make N19000 Daily on WhatsApp TV” for the lucky ones who’d bomb into this article.

Before I proceed to showing you how to create and make money on WhatsApp TV, let’s have a look at some Qs and As on this topic.


Q and A on How I Make N19000 Daily on WhatsApp TV


What is Whatsapp TV

  • WhatsApp Tevelevision, rebranded as WhatsApp TV is the use of business WhatsApp account for the purpose of broadcasting, entertaining, advertising, informing and educating your audience.

More details on WhatsApp TV could be found below


How to Create a WhatsApp TV Channel?

  • It’s simple!! Download on Google play store, business WhatsApp 2. Create a broadcast list and add contacts to it.

See below for more information


Can I earn money from WhatsApp?

  • Ofcourse Yes.

See below for more information


What Do I Need to Make Money on WhatsApp TV?

  • To make money on WhatsApp TV you need the following;
  1. An Android phone or an iOS device
  2. Business WhatsApp installed on your Smartphone
  3. Your WhatsApp TV name
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See below for more details..


How can I monetize my WhatsApp?

  • It’s simple!! Create an audience, create a WhatsApp TV, publish to advertise your content to your audience etc.

Follow the directives given below to know more


How do you get views on WhatsApp?

  • As we already know that views connote traffic and traffic connotes views. To get a lot of views on WhatsApp, simple add more phone numbers to your contact list.

Further explanation has been given below.


Now, let’s dive in to how I make N19000 daily on WhatsApp.


How I Make N19000 Daily On WhatsApp TV

Before I reveal my secrets on how I make N19000 daily on WhatsApp TV, it’d be best you understand exactly what WhatsApp Tv is all about.


What is WhatsApp TV?

WhatsApp Tevelevision, rebranded as WhatsApp TV is the use of business WhatsApp account for the purpose of broadcasting, entertaining, advertising, informing and educating your audience using WhatsApp Story feature.

To further put it, another word for WhatsApp TV is WhatsApp Story.

The name “WhatsApp Television” was crafted by some WhatsApp users who realized that WhatsApp Story is no difference from television which allows you to see and view videos and pictures.

It’s no doubt that people have already taken advantage of this WhatsApp feature to make lot of money, same feature I’m currently using to generate N19000 every day.

Now that you’ve known what WhatsApp TV’s all about, what’s next?

It’s time to get to work!!

The strategy you’re about to read is the exact strategy i’m currently using in making N19000 every day for a while now.

Next, you need to open or create a WhatsApp TV channel.


How to Create WhatsApp TV Channel

Creating your own WhatsApp status TV does not involve much procedure as it may sound.

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It’s as simple as opening a WhatsApp account on your Smartphone.

Though it’s simple to do, I’m not leaving you all alone; I am showing you step by step how to create your own WhatsApp TV channel.


Before we proceed to creating your own WhatsApp TV, we need to make ready some few things.

What you need to open a WhatsApp TV link in Nigeria;

  • An Android Smartphone or iOS device
  • A name for your WhatsApp Tv account
  • A logo for your WhatsApp TV channel
  • WhatsApp business app for Android and iOS devices | Download WhatsApp for Android | For iOS Devices
  • Photoshop or any good photo and video editing app

With the above items made ready, your WhatsApp TV is half-way ready too.

Next, you need to proceed to create your WhatsApp TV.

To do that;

  1. First, you need to install and open your just downloaded WhatsApp Business application
  2. Enter your WhatsApp TV’s name you intend to use and upload your logo as picure
  3. Finally, you’ve just created a new WhatsApp TV channel for yourself.

It doesn’t end here.

You’ve only created a WhatsApp Tv channel.

How then does the money comes in?

This takes us to the most important part of this guide on how to make money on WhatsApp TV.


How to Make Money on WhatsApp TV

Monetizing your WhatsApp TV status to start earning money is where the strategy comes in to play.

Although people have their different applied methods and ways on how they make money on WhatsApp TV, it may be difficult for them to share.

My personal and confirmed method is presently earning me up to N19000 all day and that is what I’m going to share in a jiffy.

In any successful online business, traffic is the KEY.

No traffic = No views, and

No views = No earning


My Strategy: How to Make Money on WhatsApp TV

  • First, get yourself an eBook and the license to sell it.
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I’m currently promoting an eBook on my WhatsApp TV on the topic “How to make money online”.

As ridiculous as it sounds, it may interest you to know that “I make money online by telling people how to make money online”.

It’s not a hard knock on me as I already have an already written article on that.

You can do same, perhaps on a different topic.

  • Secondly, buy from a third party a huge list of phone numbers (Send me a mail if you need some @; this is to enable you have a large number of audience to advertise your product to.

I currently have an audience of more than 3500 added contacts on my WhatsApp Broadcast list.

  • Thirdly, create a WhatsApp Broadcast list and add your clients’ contacts to it.

If you do not know how to create a Broadcast list on WhatsApp, do not worry, I’ve got your back.

Here is an article for you on “How to create a Broadcast list”

  • Next, prepare your content, videos and pictures by making use of your already downloaded video and photo editor app.
  • You can start publishing, advertising and broadcasting your products to your audience.


You can make even more than N19000 as I make on a daily basis.

Get serious with it and you’ll surely get the result.

Bottom Line

Convert your Smartphone into an asset and stop making it a liability.

Make money with everything you see around you.

I have just revealed to you how I make N19000 daily on WhatsApp TV; reason why I’m succeeding is because I took action when I read a post like this on the internet.

You too can follow suit.

If you need help in any way, do not hesitate to reach me either through our comment box below or our Contact Us page, and I’ll be happy to assist.