Pals (Friends
), are
you looking for means to restore your Nokia java or Symbian phone, I bet you
that you are in the right place. If your Nokia Java or Symbian Phone is having
any problem and you think it’s been affected by malware/virus. And you are
looking for a way to restore it back to life (Hand Flashing).

Probably, we all know that if you go to a shop to flash your phone,
you will be charged N500 and above, which might be too much for some people to
afford despite the country’s situation. But we are here to help to restore your
phone by giving you the tips on how to use hand flashing to restore your Nokia
Java or Symbian phone back to life and then you can use your money you planned
using for the flashing of your phone for something else, as I will show you how
you can flash any Nokia Java phone and Symbian phone yourself.

Let’s move on to the tutorial
on how you can be able to flash your Nokia phone by yourself without the help
of anyone out there. Carefully follow the steps below to get it done.


  • Dial this *#7780# by dialing this code, your phone factory will
    be restored and all your files in the phone will be secured. Again dial.
  • Dial this *#7370# and all files will be erased automatically.

Note:  That
the above step/method would ask for your security code, in a situation where
you have can’t recall or remember your security code. What will you do if found
in this situation? I suggest you try the second guideline.

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This second guideline does not require a password or any code at all, what it
does that, it cleans your phone freely. Let’s try and see how it works.

  • Make
    sure your phone is switched off.
  • Put in
    on using the following, hold down (3 + * + send + On). If these buttons are hold
    down together to on your phone, then it will automatically format all your files.
    This procedure is known as “HAND FLASHING”.

Note: That
this second guidelines can only works for Nokia Symbian Phone.